Smart Solar Box: Best Portable Solar Panel System?

Smart Solar Box

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This Smart Solar Box might revolutionize how you produce electricity at home. We’re living in a time where technological advancements seem to be crazier and more unbelievable year after year. Smart cars, smartphones, even smart homes provide a luxury never seems before, but all of that convenience comes at a high price, literally a very high electricity bill! Everyone knows that gut-wrenching feeling when you open up your power bill and see triple digits. What if there is a way you could save up to 70% of that amount? Would it make your life easier?

Today we’re looking at the Smart Solar Box system brought to light by a 52-year-old mechanic from Milwaukee. This system is a series of videos and guides on how you can build your own portable solar power box to save 50% to 70% on your electricity bill. Additionally, the Smart Solar Box is literally a lifesaver when a disaster hits. It can give you power for 18-20 hours anywhere you take it.

Why Smart Solar Box? Because it is unlike any other solar panel system. Conventional solar panel systems can cost up to $10,000 or more, while most portable DIY solar panel materials usually go for around $1,000 to build. Smart Solar Box can be built in just a few hours with only $200-$250 in material costs. Keep on reading my Smart Solar Box review to see what this program has to offer and how a regular individual with no previous experience can build it and save $50-$100 a month.

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  • Very small and portable
    Easy to build
  • Cheap
  • Very little maintenance


  • Requires labor force
  • May need a permit
  • Weather dependant

What is the Smart Solar Box system?

The Smart Solar Box blueprints were put together by Ryan Tanner, a 52-year-old mechanic from Milwaukee. However, he wasn’t the one who designed the portable solar panel system. It was his crafty father.

The Smart Solar Box was discovered after Ryan’s dad passed away and Ryan with his family went to stay at dad’s cabin for the last time before selling it.

It was snowing really heavy and electricity was gone in every single cabin around the area except Ryans. Neighbors started coming over to warm up, a father showed up with a child barely alive, almost frozen to death after getting stuck in the snow with no power in the car. Ryans cabin saved them from a disaster.

After getting everyone safe and warm Ryan started looking around the cabin for the power source. A few hours later he found 6 boxes of secret power banks with a folding array of solar panels. The whole rig was very small and portable, but did power the whole cabin!

In “Smart Solar Box system”, he created a series of simple and easy-to-follow tutorials that allow you to build a solar power rig that is very small and portable.

Watch the Smart Solar Box Video Here…

You can use it in your home and cut your electricity bill by half, take it on a road trip and power all your devices, or just keep as a precaution if a disaster hits and you need an independent power source.

Smart Solar Box PDF and video guides are so simple that even a person with no carpentry, electrical, or engineering experience will be able to build it in less than 4 hours. Moreover, the materials needed for the build will cost you around $200.

Smart Solar Box Review

The Top 3 Benefits:

#1: Cut your power bills in half:

Trying to save some extra money lately? Wouldn’t it be nice to save $500-$1000 extra every year by not really changing much?

You don’t need to build expensive $10,000 worth of solar panel systems that take 1000 sq. ft.

By spending 4 hours and $200 to build Smart Solar Box you can cut your electricity bill by 50% to 70%. For me, this build paid off in the electricity bill in 1.5 months. If you really wanted to you could scale it up and save even more!

#2: Build your own powerful portable power source

This DIY solar box takes no more than 20 sq. ft. This means you can pack it in your car and take it wherever you want. Imagine going camping and having green electricity power all the appliances you have. No generator, no gas, no toxic exhaust gases.

Don’t trust the old cabin’s power system? Take your Smart Solar Box with you and have electricity for 2-3 days depending on your build.

Going on a long road trip when the weather conditions are really bad and may disrupt power supply? Just pop the Smart Solar Box in your car and have a solution ready in case anything bad happens and you get stuck on the roadside with no electricity.

#3: Become independent from the grid

Smart Solar Box system allows you to be independent of the government and electricity companies. In these uncertain times, you cannot rely on anyone else to look after you. You and only you can protect your family. If there’s a blackout or natural disaster hits you need to be independent and have a backup that provides electricity for your family.

Smart Solar Box

Smart Solar Box helps you build your own power source and save $100’s of dollars every month on overpriced power bills.

Smart Solar Box price. Is it worth it?

You probably already questioned yourself, how much will this guide cost me? Well, you can relax it won’t cost you a fortune. Ryan Tanner is a simple family man that built the system not to profit, but to share it with other regular, everyday working people.

Smart Solar Box blueprints (with videos!) cost only $39.69! How much would you be able to save in a month if you cut your electricity bills by 50%? I think under $40 for all these easy to read, digest, and follow tutorials is an amazing deal.

What if I don’t like it or can’t build it? At the end of the day, if it doesn’t work you feel you can’t build it, Ryan provides a 100% refund for the first 60 days after purchase. No questions asked.

Quick recap: Pros & Cons of Smart Solar Box?


Very small and portable
Smart Solar Box rig takes under 20 sq. ft. of space. If you would try to set up a conventional solar panel system it would probably take 10x-20x more space in your backyard or on your roof.

Smart Solar Box blueprints will allow you to build a foldable solar power panel array that is easy to store and transport. If you want you can easily pack everything in your trunk with all your camping gear.

Easy to build
Ryan Tanner is a mechanic and it took him a good year to figure out every detail of the build that his father developed. However, he knew not everyone has experience with electricity, cars, or batteries so he made sure to make the plans as simple as possible.

Every single chapter in Smart Solar Box PDF is also available in video format. At least for me, videos are much easier to follow and digest, plus you can always pause, rewind, and see in detail how the person is performing every step.

As I have already mentioned a couple of times this system won’t cost an arm nor a leg… For just under $40 and $200 in materials, you’ll be able to save money on electricity bills as soon as you turn on the box.

Have you ever asked for a quote on regular solar panel systems? I did and they are 50-100 times more expensive than the Smart Solar Box system.

Very little maintenance
Once you have built the power bank and solar panel array you don’t really need to do much maintenance. Just make sure the rig is clean most of the time and you should be good for a long time. If you will be using salvaged old car batteries, then yes, you might need to replace them sooner than later but other than that it’s a self-sustaining system.

Since the build will most likely contain salvaged and used car batteries and solar panels, you are not contributing to global warming. Additionally, your solar power bank rig is carbon-free for the rest of its lifespan. Green electricity until the batteries die or until we discover something better!


Requires labor force
This one is a pretty obvious disadvantage to people who aren’t really crafty or just don’t like to build things with their own hands.

Smart Solar Box blueprints require around 4 hours of labor to build the rig and no previous experience. Still, some people just hate DIY projects or are just really bad at them.

If that’s the case with you, Smart Solar Box might not be a good fit for you, but you can always ask a crafty friend to help you out!

May need a permit
Different counties and states have different laws on solar panel use at home, but most of the time you will need a permit to build any kind of solar panel in your household.

Smart Solar Box rig is really small and usually isn’t connected to the main power grid. However, in order to avoid legal problems, I advise doing some research beforehand on your city, county, and state laws about solar panels.

Weather dependent
Solar panels need to collect sunlight to produce electricity. If there’s no sun not much power is going to be made. If you live in a place where the sun is scarce, it rains or snows most of the time this build won’t be as effective and will save less money.

By the way, if your environment is cloudy but not too dark Smart Solar Box solar panels are still able to collect power.

What do you get where do you buy Smart Solar Box?

Smart Solar Box PDFE-book guide

You will get a detailed PDF ebook with step-by-step instructions. Everything is included from workstation preparation, materials, building the framework, actual power station, and solar panel array.

Video tutorials

If you are like me and digest visual content better, you’ll love video tutorials. Everything is the same as the E-book but you can see an actual person construct the rig and explain the steps. You can pause at any moment and build along with the video.

Shopping list

You’ll be provided with a list of all the materials you need for the Smart Solar Box system. Every bolt and piece of wood is included so you don’t buy too little or too much. In order to save even more of your time, Ryan Tanner added the most popular vendors list where you can buy all the materials.


Smart Solar Box PDFSo, should I buy Smart Solar Box?

For me, a $250 and 4-hour investment is a no brainer if I will be able to save $500-$1500 a year on electricity bills and have an independent power source that will save me if a natural disaster hits or there’s a blackout.

I think this Smart Solar Box review clearly shows it’s a very small investment considering possible savings and peace of mind this system can provide.

Frequently asked questions

Is Smart Solar Box legit?

More than 17,000 people already use this portable solar panel rig and save money every month. At the end of the day, how can Smart Solar Box be a scam if you can get a 100% refund with no questions asked?

Is it hard to build Smart Solar Box by myself?

No, easy to follow E-book and video tutorials are made for people who don’t have any technical experience. You’ll have to spend 30 minutes reading through the information and going through the videos and then around 4 hours of build time. It’s like building LEGO, follow one step then go to another until you finish the whole build!

If you are experienced with DIY projects, batteries, and electricity this might take you less than 2 hours.

I don’t have much space around the house, can I still use it?

Yes, Smart Solar Box takes very little space. The power bank box and solar panel array will take as much as regular size luggage. If you have space for a piece of luggage, you’ll find space for Smart Solar Box. You can also easily transport it in any car trunk or trailer.