Backyard Revolution Reviews: #1 DIY Solar System?

Backyard Revolution

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Paying utility bills is one of the most dreaded times in a month. They are always high, and you can never figure out why gas, water, phone, and especially electricity bill is so high. According to US Energy Information Administration average electricity bill of US household is $111 a month, that’s $1332 a year.

What if there is a way to cut it by half and even have a backup solution when there’s a blackout?

The answer is Backyard Revolution system created by a 42-year old Ontario carpenter. This simple project will help you build your own solar panel system to save 50%-60% on your monthly electricity bill and safeguard your household from blackouts.

In our Backyard Revolution reviews, we’ll be talking about how this solar panel system is exceptional because you can build it in 2 hours for just $200 and it won’t take more than 10 sq. meter. What’s more, it doesn’t require any carpentry or engineering experience. Check out my Backyard Revolution review for an indepth dive into this revolutionary personal solar energy system.


  • Beginner-friendly online instructions and videos for building solar panels
  • Does not require any DIY experience or special knowledge
  • Low price with a money-back guarantee
  • Can cut your power bills by 50% or more


  • Require 10 square feet of space
  • You need to do the work yourself
  • No printing options (only PDF)
  • If you don’t follow the instructions closely, you may not get the desired

The program was created by Zack Bennett, a carpenter from Ontario. Yes, a carpenter not an engineer or scientist. One fateful night Zacks family had no electricity because the town’s power grid went out. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, sadly, there was a break-in and Zack got shot while defending his daughter.

Video: Check out Zack’s story in detail that led to the creation of the Backyard Revolution.

Luckily, he survived and recovered pretty quickly. However, he was blaming the power outage for the break-in. In his mind no lights on the patio or inside attract burglars. From that day he vowed to never be left without electricity ever again.

After doing extensive research he found an MIT engineers project of innovative 3D solar panels design that is inexpensive, very efficient, and was available to the general public.

He took that design and built one for himself, then made a guide so everyone could power their house with solar power and be independent of the municipal power line.

What is the Backyard Revolution Solar Program?

The Backyard Revolution solar program is a very simple guide that allows building a solar power rig at home. It is based on an MIT engineers study that found the 3D zigzag arrangement of solar panels to be extremely efficient. The finished design requires around 10 sq. m. of space, around $200 of investment, and just 4-6 hours of your time.

Zack’s Backyard Revolution system has already helped more than 9000 households around the world so save money and be independent of the city power grid.

So, let’s dive a little deeper.

Backyard Revolution will give you a blueprint on how to build a vertical rig of solar panels arranged in a zigzag pattern. This takes very little space and can be positioned in a backyard, patio, or balcony. Where to position the rig? at what angle? Everything is in the guide.

Backyard Revolution Review

Backyard Revolution helps you build homemade solar panels to save $100’s of dollars every month.

What are the benefits of Backyard Revolution?

Benefit 1: Safe on overpriced power bills

The Backyard Revolution solar power rig will allow you to save a substantial amount of money on electricity bills and also ensure your household the next time there is a blackout.

People using this tutorial to build their own solar panel systems reported saving 50-70% on their monthly electricity bills. How much do you pay for electricity a month? What if you could save 50% of that a month? What about a year? Wouldn’t it be nice to treat your family with extra $500-$1000 dollars a year?

All that with just a $200 investment and some of your time. Compared to conventional solar panel setups that cost up to $10k it’s an easy decision.

Benefit 2: Environmentally friendly

Environmental change depends on every single one of us. Moving to solar power energy reduces gas or coal usage. Solar power panels rig also cancels the need for a generator that uses gasoline and emits exhaust gas. A conventional generator is also pretty loud and requires constant maintenance. Solar power panels have close to zero maintenance costs.

Benefit 3: Independence

The last couple of years have been pretty tough all over the world. Hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, government shutdowns, civil wars. Common power sources like the municipal power grids are not as reliant as they used to be.

It is important to be ready if a natural disaster happens and damages electricity lines. You might say I’ll just use a generator. What if there’s no gasoline? What if you can’t get access to it? Solar power is a great alternative to protect you from an unpredictable event that might cripple usual power sources. Backyard Revolution will allow you to become energy independent.

Benefit 4: Learn a money-making skill

Once you learned how to build solar panels on your own, you could easily start a side-business building solar panels for your neighborhood and start making an extra $1,000/month or more.

DIY solar panels

You decide how big or small you want your solar panels to be.

What else will I learn from Backyard Revolution?

How solar panels work and generate energy

Get general knowledge of how solar panels work and how they can generate energy. Simple and easy to understand introductory guides on solar power and how it converts to electricity.

✏ How to build a solar power source at home

Well, of course, you will learn how to build a personal solar power plant to power your house. Retail solar panel systems can go over $10k but you will learn how to build one by yourself that is much cheaper and way more efficient.

✏ How to arrange solar panels for maximum efficiency

You probably didn’t even think that solar panel arrangement matters that much. Well, it does and Backyard Revolution PDF explains in detail where and how to setup up your solar power plant for highest efficiency.

✏ Beginner carpentry

Learn how to measure and cut wood for this project. It’s simple and possible to do even for people who never touched any carpentry tools in their life.

Backyard Revolution DIY Solar Panels

With these easy-to-read instructions, even me as a beginner without prior experience could build it!

What do you get? And where do you actually buy these Backyard Revolution plans?

Zack is an engineer, not a carpenter. He thinks simple and easy. His Backyard Revolution solar system is built on the idea that everyone should be able to do it themselves without any prior knowledge of solar panels, engineering, or even carpentry.

Here’s what you get:

DIY Solar Panel

1. A list of everything you need to buy (shopping list)

Usually, DIY tutorials or guides just give you a rough idea of what material or equipment you’ll need for a project. Or even worse provide no list at all.

Backyard Revolution provides a specific list of items you need to buy for every single step of the building process. There’s no space for error or interpretation.

There’s also another amazing bonus that Zack added to the program that I’ve never seen in any other DIY project. The shopping list contains exact shops where you can find the items! You won’t have to do any research yourself or wander through multiple shops looking for one or another item.

Backyard Revlution Course2. PDF Ebook

The whole project is written in an easy and simple to follow tutorial. Zack uses simple English without any jargon or technical language. Everyone who can read in English will understand every step of the program.

The PDF also contains all of the dimensions needed for woodcutting, assembling, and arranging.

Backyard Revolution Video3. Video Tutorials

If you’re not a big fan of reading, you’ll like Zack’s videos tutorials. They have EVERYTHING in video along with PDF book.

Zack will talk you through the whole process while you are doing it. Stop it whenever you want, compare the build progress with the tutorial and make changes as you go.

Plus 3 FREE Bonuses:

There are also a couple of extra ebooks that you’ll get for free.

Free Bonus #1: Homestead EMP Protection Protocol.

A special report that allows you to make your personal solar power plant into a disaster-proof and EMP-proof off-grid rig. This will protect your home from a massive EMP or a natural disaster that can wipe out the power grid for a long period of time.

Free Bonus #2: Energy Stockpiling Services.

Find out how you can save any power that is created by your Backyard Revolution solar power plant and might not be used. Get to know how you can grab all the excess power produced and how to store it properly when you need it.

Free Bonus #3: Homestead

Alternative Energy Sources.
An in-depth special report on alternative energy sources that are rarely considered when talking about personal power building.
Get Backyard Revolution now and claim your FREE bonuses today!

Let’s recap: What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Backyard Revolution Solar?

My reviews are always honest, I show the good and the bad. Backyard Revolution review is no different. So let’s see the positives and the negatives.

DIY Solar Panels with Backyard Revolution

Instantly lower your monthly power bills by 50% or more with DIY solar panels and Backyard Revolution.

The Top Advantages

✔ Easy to follow
As I have already mentioned the Backyard Revolution solar power system is very easy to follow. Detailed Backyard Revolution PDF ebook covers all the materials you need to get, all equipment, and step-by-step instructions on how to build your personal solar power plant.

If you, just like me, prefer video over text all of the information is available in a detailed video series.

Personally, for me, the biggest advantage of video tutorials is that I can see exactly how to build something by watching a real person do it. No space for interpretation means no space for error.

✔ Easy to build
Backyard Revolution system can be built by anyone with no prior carpentry or solar panels experience. The guide says it takes around 2hours to build the rig. A carpenter or someone with prior DIY experience probably could build it even faster.

If you have no experience or bad at building things, like me, it might take you 2-4 hours. Basically, you could build it on a Sunday morning and be free by lunch!

✔ No maintenance
Solar power systems usually require little to no maintenance. No oil changes, gas refilling, change of parts.

Regular solar panel systems require to be cleaned 2-4 times a year. This usually is just a quick hose down and leaves blown off. Zacks solar panel rig takes very little space and can be cleaned in a few minutes, just dust it with a towel and that’s it.

✔ Takes very little space
Regular solar panels take a lot of space. They usually are positioned vertically in your backyard or on your roof. Backyard Revolution 3D rig allows to position panels in a vertical way. This produces the same amount of power but takes just 5% of space.

You will be able to place this rig in a space of no more than 10 sq. m. You could fit it in a balcony!

✔ Portable
Want to redesign your backyard or garden, no problem, just move the rig to another place. Backyard Revolution solar system is very easy to transfer. Just unplug it and move it like you would move a big pot plant or standing lamp.

✔ Cheap
You’ll have to spend $39 on the tutorial itself and $200-$400 on the materials. Price may vary on your location and vendors. Try and contact regular solar panel system vendors and see how much they’ll quote you. It’s going to be upwards of $10k maybe even more.

The amount you spend on this system will pay off in a lower electricity bill in under 6 months. After that, all the savings is basically profit.

✔ Environmentally friendly
It is pretty obvious that using renewable resources like water, wind, and sun is way more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel energy.

The energy needed to create solar panels compared to energy return is quite similar to the oil industry. However, we need to take into consideration that solar power is carbon-free. When a solar panel is manufactured it will produce pollution-free electricity for 25-30 years.

✔ No noise
Another great benefit of this small solar panel rig is that it doesn’t make any noise. If you have a generator in your garage you know how much noise it makes and can even be heard by neighbors. The Backyard Revolution solar panel system is so quiet it won’t bug you or wake you up during your sleep.
12 months of email support

If after reading the detailed guide you still have any questions about the building process of the system you can email Backyard Revolution support. For 12 months you’ll be able to get assistance on any questions for free.


✖ Weather dependant
Probably the biggest disadvantage of solar panel systems, big or small, is that they require as much sun as possible. If you live in an area that has a lot of cloudy and rainy days your solar energy rig won’t be able to produce enough energy.

✖ Possibly need insurance approval
Solar panel system installation might require to comply with one or another building and safety standard, or insurance approval. These standards may vary depending on the insurance company, town, city, or state. Some may not require anything.

Even though the Backyard Revolution solar panel rig is really small you should still do research and make sure you have a proper authorization if needed.

You have to build it yourself
This one is pretty obvious. You’ll have to do it yourself and spend some of your time if you want to save money. If you are really bad or just don’t like using even the simplest of power tools this project is probably not for you.

However, you might just ask a friend or a handy neighbor to help you out for a small fee or a favor.

So, should I buy Backyard Revolution?

I had the same question. Especially since I didn’t have much experience in buying guides online.

However, the relatively low price for this tutorial and considerably small material costs made my decision easy.

If you think about it, conventional solar panels for residential houses can go up to $10,000. You contract a company that buys you all these expensive panels, set them up, and charge you a premium for the work.

With Backyard Revolution you get the knowledge of what materials are needed and which ones are the best but also not expensive. The whole setup ends up costing you around $200-300 plus $39 for the guide. After that, you just need to allocate some of your time and labor.

Considering the benefit of being energy independent and the chance to save 50%+ on my monthly electricity bill Backyard Revolution it’s a no-brainer to me.

And to make it even better:

If you don’t like it or even with a very detailed guide just can’t build it, Zack offers a no-questions asked return policy for the first 60 days after the purchase. Yes, all 100% back, no questions asked. It doesn’t get much better honestly.

DIY Solar PanelConclusion

This program was created by a simple carpenter from Ontario, not a scientist or engineer. So it might have some flaws. However, the practicality of a simple household man is nothing to be scoffed at.

Backyard Revolution is an amazing tutorial that can help people save more than 50% on their electricity bills, protect from blackouts, and keep your family safe when disaster strikes.

Frequently asked questions

Do Backyard Revolution Plans really work?

Yes. More than 9000 households now save 50% or more on electricity bills. It’s an easy to build solar panel system that is extremely efficient, cheap, secure you from blackouts, and makes you independent from third-party loud generators.

Backyard revolution scam?

Zacks Backyard Revolution solar pdf is nowhere close to a scam. You are paying for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to build a personal solar power plant.

How can the information provided to you in a very easy to follow manner be a scam? There are no upsells or additional payments.

At the end of the day, if you don’t like the guide or don’t feel like building the system you have a 60 day 100% return period. No questions asked. Scams don’t offer that.

Can I build this if I have no carpentry skills?

Yes, Zack is a carpenter, but he built the Backyard Revolution solar plans so that any regular persona could build it without prior carpentry skills. You will follow every step needed and even see it in videos. It’s like having Zack behind you telling what to do.

At the end of the day, you will actually learn beginner carpentry.

Are there any backyard revolution complaints?

As with all products and services, there is always a smaller group of people that aren’t satisfied. The good thing about Backyard Revolution is, that even if you’re not happy, and you wish to get your money back for no matter what reasons, you can simply contact them and they’ll send your money back.

I have very little space around my house. Can I still use this system?

The Backyard Revolution solar power rig takes just 10 sq. meters. If you have little space in your backyard, or honestly even no backyard you can station it on your porch or curb by your house. Hell, you can even put it in your balcony as long as it gets enough sun.